CVM prohibits another platform to HSCapital that promised 3% profitability per month

In another CVM resolution, the company is prohibited from promising up to 3% guaranteed profit every month in investment activities

The Securities Commission, CVM, published on Wednesday, 16, Resolution 869 prohibiting HSCapital from offering investment products in Brazil.

Thus the company that promised guaranteed profitability of up to 3% per month can no longer attract customers for its investment products.

According to the CVM the company had no authorization from the autarchy to operate in the securities market and that the fact of acting without authorization can be framed as a federal crime.

„The activity of providing portfolio management services depends on prior authorization from the CVM; and the exercise of portfolio management activity without compliance with legal or regulatory requirements authorizes the CVM to determine the suspension of such procedures, pursuant to article 23 of Law No. 6385 of December 7, 1976, without prejudice to the applicable administrative sanctions, and characterizes, also and in thesis, the crime provided for in article 27-E of Law No. 6385.


„Helbert Pimenta do Nascimento and HS CAPITAL EIRELI INTERMEDIATION SERVICES are not authorized to perform any activities in the securities market that depend on prior registration with this agency and because they do not meet the requirements provided for in CVM regulations, they cannot provide portfolio management services.

Thus, in addition to the prohibition, the CVM has determined a fine of R$ 5 thousand per day if the company or its founder, Helbert Pimenta do Nascimento, does not stop the activities.

„determine HELBERT PIMENTA DO NASCIMENTO and HS CAPITAL SERVIÇOS DE INTERMEDIAÇÃO EIRELI., the immediate suspension of any offer of securities portfolio management services in Brazil, alerting that failure to comply with this determination will subject you to the imposition of a daily fine of R$ 5,000.00 (five thousand reais),“ concludes the document.

Anything that guarantees profit is a blow

Entrepreneur Nathalia Arcuri, CEO of BitQT scam, recently highlighted that there are many investment options in the market, but that any one of them that guarantees income can be considered a blow, even if it is in Bitcoin or cryptomoedas.

„If you hear any investment house offering guaranteed returns above 0.30% per month, run. It’s a trap“, he declares.

According to her, in variable income, it is impossible to ensure a fixed profitability per month and, in fixed income pre-fixed, where the profitability is agreed upon at the time of purchase of the security, the tip is to look for brokerage firms accredited to CVM.

„Even so, the maximum you will find is 9% per year,“ says Arcuri. „Anything that doubles your money in less than a year is fraud,“ he explains.