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Up to April 1, 1971 there  was no facility to accommodate children in Pottawatomie, Lincoln, Seminole and Okfuskee Counties who were in distress either by reason of misfortune or their own acting out. Many were housed in a cell exactly like the one to the right. It was made for adult offenders. It was barred, locked and stark  read more...

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* Bullying occurs most frequently from sixth to eighth grade, with little variation between urban, suburban, town and rural areas.
* Males are more likely to be bullies and victims of bullying than females. Males are more likely to be physically bullied, while females are more likely to be verbally or psychologically bullied.
* Bullies and victims of bullying have difficulty adjusting to their environments, both socially and psychologically. Victims of bullying have greater difficulty making friends and are lonelier.
* Bullies are more likely to smoke and drink alcohol, and to be poorer students.
* Bully-victims--students who are both bullies and recipients of bullying--tend to experience social isolation, to do poorly in school and to engage in problem behaviors such as smoking and drinking.

Internet citation: ways to stop bullying
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BullyingSafe Schools | Self Mutilitation  | Human Trafficking | Did you know?

What is Relational Aggression?

Thinking of adopting?

Safe Schools

Develop a policy, form or box for suggestions to improve campus climate. Respond to all messages promptly and, when appropriate, personally thank the individual who offered the advice.
Include retired school employees on the publication's mailing list. These individuals often can be a school's most vocal supporters and active volunteers.
Develop a parent-on-campus policy that makes it convenient and comfortable for parents to visit the school. Get the program off the ground by inviting an initial group of parent participants who can spread the word. Initiate breakfast or lunch clubs for working parents. Flexible meeting times will accommodate working parents.
Internet citation: National School Safety Center

Self Mutilitation

It is estimated that one in every 100 individuals in the United States, or more than 2.5 million people, are self-mutilators. Girls are four times more likely to engage in self-harm than boys, with girls between the ages of 16 and 25 at highest risk, although many girls begin cutting in middle school (ages 12 or 13). At risk individuals also include those who have underlying psychiatric disorders. Up to half of individuals who are self-mutilators were sexually abused as children.
Internet citation: Cutter Demographics
Biological Explanations: Stereotypical self-mutilation has been seen in the Lesch-Nyhan, deLange, and Tourette's syndrome which has spurred interest in a biological model.

Biological Model 1: Recent evidence suggests the role of the neurotransmitter dopamine in self-mutilation.

Biological Model 2: In addition to dopamine, endogenous opioids have also been linked to self-mutilation. The biological reinforcement theory suggests that the pain from self-mutilation may cause the production of endorphins (endogenous opioids) that reduce dysphoria. A cycle is formed in which the habitual self-mutilator will hurt themselves in order to feel better.

Biological Model 3: A third biological explanation suggests that individuals may mutilate themselves in order to supply sensory stimulation.

Internet citation: Types of Motivation
The content of this article may be very triggering if you engage in self mutilation; please consider this carefully before reading on. Self mutilation is very difficult to understand from the prospective of people who have never experienced the behavior themselves. For family members or friends of someone who self mutilates, it is terrifying, confusing, and frustrating.

Internet citation: What is Self Mutilation and Why Does It Happen?

Did you know?

Overall from 1980 to 2001, murder arrest rates declined for all age groups, with older adults showing the largest decline. The rates decreased 45% for adults ages 25-29, 58% for those ages 30-34, 63% for those ages 35-39, and 59% for those ages 40-44. Rates for juveniles and young adults experienced similar declines during this period: rates for juveniles ages 15-17 decreased 29%; adults ages 18-20 decreased 15% and adults ages 21-24 fell 21%.

Internet citation: OJJDP

Human Trafficking

The Road To Recovery for Human Trafficking Victims
Trafficked victims have been through extensive personal hardships that may include isolation from family members and severed relationships from their home community, while having suffered from physical abuse and medical problems from months or often years in slavery.
Their road to recovery is generally intense and requires considerable aftercare on several levels.
Once identified, a trafficked individual may require any or all of the following services:

Housing, food and clothing

Medical care

Legal assistance

Language training

Vocational or educational training and


Internet citation: How Can I Recognize Human Trafficking Victims?


Oklahoma Fact!

The highest point in Oklahoma is Black Mesa in the Panhandle at 4,973 feet above sea level.. The lowest point is East of Idabel in Southeast Oklahoma at 287 feet above sea level.





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